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Why Drupal as a platform to drive your business?

Why Drupal as a platform to drive your business?

Hello? Why is Drupal the right programme for digital business? Well, there are a plethora of different reasons for companionships rely on Drupal as their central platform for carried forward digital business roughly just as numerous concludes because there is corporations. But first, let's take a look at who is using Drupal at the moment. It has been around for about fifteen years now, after all.

On the international stage, there are plenty of well-known multinational symbols that rely on the Drupal CMS: take for example the BBC, Tesla, the US government or NASDAQ. All of these organisations have their own KPIs and business objectives but the end the targets of these companies are outstandingly same: they all want to connect with their registered customer. In other messages, the person or persons they care about and the people they want to reach. And these companies are increasingly relying on Drupal to do so. They are already working the Drupal CMS as a fully-fledged scaffold to build digital relationships with those clients. If we stay a little closer to home, we can find a very large Drupal presence in Belgium. It's used not only by very large organisations there like the VRT broadcasting company, Bpost, the National bank ... but also by mid-market companionships like Beobank, ERA, Synergie Jobs ... and organisations like Boerenbond, the Flemish farmers' association Fairtrade, etcetera. We are talking about a very wide-spread prevalence and this clearly demonstrates the appeal of Drupal , not only on an enterprise level but also on a mid-market position that is imploring commerce capabilities.

They are all looking to achieve that one purpose: to digitally connect with their "users ". This notion of connecting with your end user is of paramount importance. The better you connect with your end user the more personal the connection you will be able to build. the more personal your joining, the more info your user will start itch and the more trust you will be able to build to dump your own products or services. Of route this still leaves an open question: how does Drupal promote all this? Well, Drupal's greatest strength lies in the unification of content, society and commerce onto one single platform.

A platform that is easy to maintain by marketeers. A good programme allows marketeers to gather all of a company's content into one single situation. And you can use that environment to deliver content to your end user through different channels whether that is a website on personal computers, an app on your smartphone, an in-store screen, a auto, in flight-entertainment on a aircraft it doesn't matter. The content been able to reach the end user at the right time and in the right context. Drupal is able to manage all of this. It allows you to deliver a multichannel knowledge across several firebrands in different countries, with different languages. The discussion whether Drupal is the best technology and how it wields isn't actually always to the object. On a basic tier, it's not a question of technology, but a question of business needs.

Drupal has been around for nearly two decades now and we've seen an organic emergence of businesses that now make up an part Drupal ecosystem. Of direction Drupal is free, open root software at its core anyone can start downloading without licensing cost and just code away. While I invite anyone to do so and play around as much as you please it will be incredibly hard to roll out a professional-looking surrounding in a business situation without the use of a suitable collaborator. And that is where the ecosystem kicks in. There are a million homes and business built around Drupal that are focused on organisations and enterprises alike. There are platform consultants, Drupal integrators, fellowships who provide training and consulting services, and many more. It's because of this complete package that companies can rely on Drupal as their digital experience programme safe in the knowledge that they are well-supported by these community-backed tools and services.

Now, why is Drupal so well-suited to use in your day-to-day enterprises for the people who have to actually work with and in the CMS and spread new content? In the past, the early Drupal versions such as Drupal 5 and 6 had a bit of a stature of not ever being the most user-friendly CMS platform. Now, this is definitely a thing from the past since D5 and D6 are lightyears away from the latest version, Drupal 8 which comes furnished with plenty of new aspects both for back-end developers as for marketeers and content journalists who rely heavily on the front-end. To give an example: marketeers can now use in-place editing to edit sheets directly. And back-end makes can create so-called section to build sheets in a flexible nature permitting the marketeers in turn to take stuffs in their own hands and start their own usage ground sheets. This of course implies a substantial productivity boost for both IT and commerce districts. As I mentioned earlier the issues to what Drupal can be used for in your organisation is a business matter.

But also from a technology position there is something special that compiles Drupal tick. Drupal is built on a so-called decoupled building which has meant that the back-end and front-end are separated. This enables us to utilize Drupal as a genuine content handling structure that you can use to spread content across all different kinds of paths. Make for example a development crew that is working on a mobile app with specific content it is very easy to ask that content via the web service and display it on a website. The same starts for in-store screens, or even in-flight entertainment a material writer going to be all right various screens from a central environ and send the right content to the realization of the rights screens, regardless of their set-up. That decoupled construct is what obliges Drupal indeed multichannel it's one of the core features of the scaffold. Another central advantage of Drupal's setup is that it it unusually scalable both at its core as well via additional third-party scaffolds. This facilitates a set-up that is both protected and scalable. One of my favourite samples is They have a Drupal website that receives thousands of petitions every single day they simply can't afford to have any kind of retard or other setbacks on their digital environment.

The website is also living proof of the fact that scalability, act and safety are not mutually exclusive in some manner or the other. Drupal also has its own dedicated unit of security interests professionals who spend hours of their era every single daytime to look for vulnerabilities and other issues. And it is thanks to Drupal being open root that everything gets fixed under an efficient and transparent way in austere distinguish to proprietary application. Drupal has a regular, monthly insurance update hertz. And if you work with the right collaborators they will install those revises for you as soon as they are exhausted which gives you as a company peace of mind. Let's move on from talking engineering and get back to the business line-up let's talk rapidity of give. As soon as you've invested Drupal you can start to develop internal capabilities, together with your units. Open source in general and Drupal in particular enable you to work on the code with your own crews which constructs you go to the market much captain than proprietary software.

You can simply informant and construct your own marketing and growth crews who work together with your occurrence marriage. This faster time-to-market enables you to anticipate brand-new evolutions and transmit much more rapid with your target marketplace which only benefits that highly personalised rapport with your end customer or consumer that I mentioned in the very beginning of this video. It allows you to take in key reads about your client enabling you to serve him or her appropriately. This mode, you are able to produce more business and improve customer satisfaction the key in improving a true one-to-one customer relationship.

In short: Drupal is the best scaffold for business. Three grounds: First, you can start improving a marketing platform right out of the gate a stage that is easy to use for marketeers and that allows you to as a team to reach tactical business goals. The platform's structure enables you to build websites and to propagandize content to apps, screens etc. be it is now time or in future programmes. Secondly, Drupal is highly tailor-make to create a one-to-one tie-in with purchasers. And if you want to develop the solution to build those relationships in-house you can do so- which in turn improves your time-to-market. The third key points: at the end of the day your Total Expenditure of Ownership so that is the full investment you were supposed to conclude to structure, multitude and improve your pulpit, will be much easier to keep in check with Drupal because with Drupal you can start unusually, very small and continue construct towards something extremely very large if necessary.

Everything depends on the highway you want to organise that digital environ within "the organizations activities". Drupal is ideally positioned to carry out a smooth, gradual digital changeover rather than a agonizing digital dislocation. The CMS allows for a phased approach and gradual implementation into your business. And it is exactly this phased coming that will make all of your units and business units want to get on board to deliver that digital purchaser knowledge its own experience that is fully tailored to your end customer. Interested in finding out more about Drupal? Just drop us a line or impart us a call, and we are going to be able have a look at how Drupal will match with your business . .