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Tiny Ice Dungeon Embark on an 8-bit quest with these tiny heroes as they scour dungeons to steal that ultimate treasure. Take down evil monsters or tame them to create a huge army for a secure descent into the dungeon walls. Craft unique items, tame legendary monsters and roll the dice to battle your way through an epic RPG adventure. Leaderboards are provided to boast your dungeon-crawling mettle to all your friends. It has a PlayScore of Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast Holy crap! An Iron Maiden game? Or did we just live under a rock? Step into the shoes of Eddie and his many forms in an adventure from multiple worlds to fight hordes of enemies.

Of course, this game is inspired by Iron Maiden’s music so expect tons of insane guitar solo’s from a distance. Choose from various classes such as Warrior, Sentinel, Magus and more. It’s a clever way of immortalizing one of the greatest rock bands of all time. It has a PlayScore of Inotia 4 Just like any RPG game, step into a fantasy world filled with Goblins, Orcs and more in com2uS USA’s action-driven adventure. Choose from over 6 classes with unique abilities to take down an army of evil enemies while recruiting more mercenaries at any point in the game.

The story is a battle between light and dark, so you must roam around over 400 maps to fulfill your quest. Take down the biggest monsters and complete numerous side-quests because this is an RPG game. It has a PlayScore of ZENONIA 4 The most definitive Zenonia game to date makes a release to the Android. With glorious HD visuals, and a story to touch the players hearts. Customize your heroes and become a force to be reckoned with. Stop a growing evil from destroying the world, and change the course of destiny. Unleash powerful combos in the game’s fast and frenetic combat, or fight players in intense PvP battles. Choose from various weapons to suit your character preference and challenge yourself into the game’s multiple difficulty setting. There’s not much to say, but Zenonia 4 is a great offline RPG with a PlayScore of Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Square Enix’s love for Crystals and Magic make a grand entry to the Mobile scene in Brave Exvius.

Once again, it’s a battle of light and dark as the world is slowly teeming into the verge of annihilation. Play as two brave warriors in their effort to quell an evil threat. With its simplistic controls, travel to a whole new world filled with handcrafted beauty and watch Final Fantasy return to its roots with Turn-Based combat and memorable story. Join epic quests and call a friend to aid you in battle. Save the from the growing darkness because this game has a Playscore of 8.37. Dungeon Boss Big Fish Games’ dungeon sieging adventure pits you with other players from around the world to engage in a turn-based battle to show everyone who’s boss. It has a similar formula to Supercell’s Clash of Clans except for the base-building and hero customizations. Players climb the ranks with its 18 League Tiers by amassing an army with or without friends to dominate another player’s fortified dungeon. Earn enough resources to power up your warriors to be able to withstand even greater threats. It’s a kill or be killed situation.

Explore vast dungeons and take down the biggest boss in each area by strategically moving your heroes to its perfect locations. Test your skills in its various challenge modes and don’t forget, show them who’s boss! It has a PlayScore of Pocket Mortys Step inside the multiverse and choose from a whole range of Morty’s in one of Adult Swims’ popular animated TV shows. Control Rick as he battles thousands of players from around various dimensions just by using his own band of Morty’s. Be the Rickiest Rick or the Mortiest Morty as the game takes Morty-collecting to a whole new level. Train and combine your Mortys to unleash that repressed rage. Meet familiar faces throughout the multiverse such as Birdperson, Mr. Meseeks and more. It’s a squanching experience as you try your best to take down all the rival Ricks out there. When bored, you can always go to Blips and Chitz to score more items and upgrades! It has a PlayScore of Terra Battle A game that has constantly been evolving into a deeper and bigger RPG game.

This congregation of various Square Enix artists collaborate in a game that takes us back to the glory days of simple, yet deep RPG mechanics. Developed by Mistwalker, the game lets you take control characters created by none other than Yoshitaka Amano. Listen to the tunes of Nobuo Uematsu and did we mention it’s created by Hironobu Sakaguchi? The original creator of the Final Fantasy series? That’s big! Move your heroes in its grid-based combat and outsmart enemies by flanking at them. It’s an intriguing adventure filled with the same magic that brought us our favorite Warriors of Light. The game has reached over 5 million downloads and it’s heading to Consoles soon. It has a PlayScore of Nonstop Knight They say that the true power of a weapon is not the blade, it’s the wielder. While it doesn’t make any sense in this game, let’s just pretend your weapon is your thumb. This never-ending adventure lets you take control of a brave knight descending into creepy dungeons and fighting the most terrible foes… with just the power of your thumb.

In this fast and easily controllable one-finger game, encounter hordes of enemies while slowly upgrading your hero to his most formidable form. Power up, grab items, and survive because the only one stopping you is your thumbs and carpal tunnel syndrome. The fact that you don’t need an internet connection to enjoy this game and also the joy of climbing the ranks is enough for a casually good time.

It has a PlayScore of Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag Return to the virtual world and join the fan favorites of from the hit Manga and Anime. Follow Kirito, Asuna, Leafa and others as you re-live the iconic moments of the anime. This side-scrolling RPG lets you master powerful weapons such as dual-blades, guns and more. Survive in its digital world as you team up with friends in a fun cooperative adventure that shapes the mobile anime experience. Enjoy its exclusive new animations just for the Mobile. It’s a free to play experience and it has a PlayScore of Hoplite Named after the iconic Greek warriors who wield shields and spears, this frenetic roleplaying game places you in a hexagonal-based area to bring down foes in turn-based fashion.

The aim of this game is to think before you move, so plan ahead before you make any silly decisions. It’s procedurally generated world makes for a challenging adventure. Especially when it’s a mobile game. Be a powerful Hoplite while making your move count. It has a PlayScore of Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes Satisfy your love for all things Star Wars in this turn-based RPG that combines both sides of the force at your own choosing. Pick from a wide-range of characters from the entire cinematic franchise such as Kylo Ren, Chewbacca, Rey, and so much more. Fight for the Galaxy and watch your favorite characters team up together.

The game keeps giving additional content in each Star Wars film. Giving players new characters to customize, tweak and play around with. It’s a pocket Star Wars fanservice for the hardcore Padawans. 8.44, it’s PlayScore is. Arcane Legends: MMO-Action RPG This game is by far the best MMORPG on the mobile. From the creators of the smash hit Pocket Legends comes a game that proves mobile MMORPG can be possible. Discover a massive online world of Arlor and meet up with players from around the world in real-time.

Travel to the darkest dungeon, or take on the biggest monsters with its hack and slash gameplay. Make the most out of the experience. Pick between its three classes and customize your hero to become an unstoppable force. This time, the game grows bigger than ever with continuous updates. Challenge players in a 3v3 PvP or engage in a fun co-op adventure with your friend. It’s an amazing game with a PlayScore of Super Awesome Quest They’re not kidding with the title. Follow the adventures of three heroes as they try to bring back their glory by stopping hordes of the undead, pesky kobolds, dragons and more.

It’s a mixture of a puzzle game with deep RPG mechanics. Its token-flipping combat makes for an enjoyable experience while deciding which class you should pick. It’s either you be a Valkyrie or a Paladin as your starting hero. The game gets bigger as you unlock new heroes to join the fray, and even pets. Aside from its token-flipping gameplay, its crafting system is an essential part of the game which changes the tide of battle. It’s a super awesome quest indeed with a PlayScore of Here are the Runners-Up before we reveal the number one: One Piece Treasure Cruise Form your own pirate crew and sail the seas in this fun pirate RPG from Bandai Namco Meet Luffy and the gang in fun tapping action Relive your favorite moments from the anime and watch them take down there enemies.

It’s a love letter for what we spends. It has a Playscore of Final Fantasy Record Keeper Square Enix takes another entry to the mobile with an original idea This time relive the beauty of Final Fantasy in there key moments Meet your favorite Final Fantasy characters and restore lost memories to save the world It has a Playscore of DC Legends Join Batman, Superman, the Flash and more in an ultimate super hero role-playing experience on the mobile Team-up with this heroes to defeat Necron and the rest of the iconic DC villians It has a Playscore of Fire Emblem Heroes Embark on an epic adventure in one of Nintendo’s critically acclaimed RPG Gather heroes from the Fire Emblem Universe in a touch-based style gameplay. Engage in intense turn-base battles and be a powerful summoners It has a Playscore of Dungeon Gems Slay Dragons and unleash your magical powers in this puzzle base RPG game Link gems to activate powerful ability and take down your foes Manage your party to conquer tons of dungeons It has a Playscore Angry Birds Epic Lead your flock of birds into an epic adventure Rovio popular friendly foe make an RPG debut with heavy turn-base elements Take down Chief Pig with these Angry Birds in its fantasy style It has a Playscore of Summoners War This action packed RPG lets you assemble the greatest team of monsters to battle in a sky arena Witness dazzling special effects and spend hours and hours of building your favorite summoner It has a Playscore of He-man Tappers of Grayskull This mobile game that gathers He-man and the masters of the universe is teaming with good content with the fan of the classic serries Hoist by there Emmy award winning voice actors trace magic patterns in the air and overcome hundreds of levels It has a Playscore of Heroes of Steel RPG Lead the group of 4 heroes and there effort to protect humanity from extinction Its turn-base combat, character customization and extensive scale treats make a good impression for RPG lovers.

It has a Playscore of Crusaders Quest Save the fallen world from doom and pick from over 200 heroes to fight in real time puzzle combat This 16-bit RPG takes you to the retro days but with the modern touch It has a Playscore of Tap Titans 2 Your responsibility as the Sword Master continues on as you fight and topple down huge titans in Game Hive Corporations addictive tapping game. It’s similar to the classic Clicker Heroes. Unleash the power of your fingers and seek aid from your friends because these titans aren’t going down easy this time. They’re bigger, badder and faster. Upgrade your hero and gather an army of other characters to join you in your quest to beat over 120 hand-drawn Titans. This sequel boasts a whole new Clan System to gather players and easily defeat these colossal foes. With its addictive button tapping fun, there’s no doubt this game owned the list of our Top 15 Free Android RPG’s with a PlayScore of 8.81. .

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