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In this video, share a website where you can earn free Bitcoin. Is it your first time to be here and wants to earn extra income online? Click on the subscribe button and the bell to get notified for new uploads. A lot of you requested for free bitcoin This is FreeBitco another net business rating. credits to them since I’m always using them. because their website is really good in checking legit sites. It’s been running for 1,487 and is on the internet. Before we start, I’ll give away 0.0003 Bitcoin Just like this video and comment yes or no if you already have account The winner will be drawn on the part 2 of this video Here on free bitcoin there are lots of ways to earn free bitcoin First is this tab Free Bitcoin this is the most famous one next is multiply BTC tab Multiply BTC is where I got most bitcoins I used something for this But we won’t discuss it in this video If this video reaches 1000 likes, I’ll post my technique about multiply BTC And next is earn BTC This is also nice Lottery, you may also earn there but I’m not really suggesting that and fourth is Rewards later I’ll show you.

There’s also a referral system later, I’ll explain it. Let’s start with the first tab where you can earn. Free BTC. They used this as promotion this is their bread and butter that if you search it on the internet this is what’s going to show up, Free Bitcoin Since they used this as promotion, that whenever you roll here, you’ll get free bitcoin or like satoshi because this is a bit low Satoshi is the basic unit of Bitcoin When you roll here, you’ll see a number will show up there let’s try to roll I got 2,148 only you’ll see lucky number if your number is in this ranges, this is the amount of bitcoin that you’ll get For 2,000, What I got is in this range for 0 to 9,885 this is the lowest which is 72 Satoshi They are using this roll as a promotion on their actual website They also have other business model like multiply BTC, earn BTC The bitcoin you’ll get depends on the roll that you’re using the lowest is mine which is 72 Satoshi My number is in this range but if the number you get is higher, you’ll get higher like 234 Satoshi If you got 10,000 lucky number you’ll get higher bitcoin In my experience, in one month I’ve been playing this for more than 1 month now I haven’t rolled much than this That’s what I always get But I’m not really focused on this only during my free time I’m clicking on free roll.

You might also wonder because mine is 72 BTC and yours might just be 20, 28, or 30 only the more you play this bitcoin roll, the more they pay you’ll get bonus You’ll get that bonus from multiply BTC lottery, You’ll get it there and also on rewards That’s the free bitcoin that they’re providing you’ll just roll here What’s nice is there’s no captcha once you click on roll that’s it you’ll get your free bitcoin and you can withdraw it It is legit and real When withdrawing, here in free bitcoin click on withdraw There’s a minimum withdrawal of 30,000 Satoshi you need to earn 30,000 first before you can withdraw You also have 3 choices there’s auto this is every sunday the transaction fee for this is free you’ll not pay transaction fee you’ll also see here slow there’s also slow slow withdrawal a bit longer way to withdraw It has a fee of 5,000 satoshi 5,143 to be exact And there’s also instant withdrawal in less than 15 mins and you’ll get the bitcoin that you withdrew but the transaction fee is expensive it’s for 40,000 satoshi it’s more expensive than the minimum withdrawal I’ll try the slow we can now withdraw since we already have 342,000 satoshi There’s a 5000 transaction fee Enter amount.

30,000 Let’s try 30,000 Once done, check it. Transaction fee 5,000 and the amount you’ll withdraw Total of 35,000 will be deducted on me because there’s a 5,000 transaction fee Bitcoin address The easiest bitcoin address that we can get is I have a video about You’ll see it on the card on top if you don’t have a account yet you can click the link to register on For you to get your address, Click on BTC then click on the barcode or wallet address This number is your bitcoin address.

Just copy it then paste it here. Double check your bitcoin address if it’s the same with your If they’re the same, click on withdraw They sent an email where I need to click a link there for confirmation that I withdraw it myself. Double check the bitcoin address to make sure it wasn’t sent to wrong email there might be bugs sometimes So, still double check it even if you copied and pasted.

Just click it. You’ll see the payment will be sent out in the next 6 hours We already received the withdrawn amount in our December 3 0.003 December 12, 4pm it took 2 hours to receive it since we chose slow Their free bitcoin is used for promotion for thei other business models these four on top Multiply, earn, lottery, and rewards which are incestment for their mining operations What’s nice with free bitcoin, you can also mine possibly to earn bitcoin click this then you’ll be taken to this page You can possibly mine you can adjust the CPU usage around 50% only or you can also choose 100% but sometimes it makes your computer heat up and you can’t use your computer anymore You can also adjust the thread Honestly, I don’t also know what thread is comment in the comment section if you know what thread is It’l like if you level it up, you’ll mine higher I think this has something to do with your COU too If you level it up, there’ll be more power usage of your computer I’ll choose five for mine then click on start mining When I started mining I heard my laptop that it ran a bit faster the fan became a bit faster or like the processor They’ll using your laptop to mine Just an advice, if you’ll be using browser mining with no strings attached, don’t max the CPU usage but it’s still your choice Don’t max it as your laptop or computer might heat up You can also ALT+Tab it can run while doing other things you can do Facebook, it’ll just run in the background It’ll just stop once you click stop or close your browser You’ll always have 2 lottery tickets every time you roll you’ll see it here and 4 rewards points here Let’s go to earn BTC Another thing I liked on this website is Earn BTC what’s earn BTC It means, their like a bank For example, the minimum is 30,000 to be withdrawn in your account you need to have 30,000 If you already have 30,000 there, everyday, they are giving you bonus If your money is amounting 30,000 Satoshi, it’s like your lending them your money to be used in their business model here in Multiply BTC, and for those who are withdrawing, and they also have mining operations the are using our money to invest for their mining business but we’re not getting mining power here they’re just giving us interest per day and per year Annual interest, 4.08% let’s compute for 4.08% annual is for one year 30,000 or 300,000 multiply it by 12,000 a bit low but if my 300,000 Satoshi staye din free bitcoin for one year it’ll have around 37 Satoshi every day and in one year, it’ll have 12,000 Satoshi If ever you forgot about it being there, in one year, once you go back that’s not 307 anymore it’ll be in around 319,000 already Here at the bottom you’ll see that they pay daily although maybe because it’s a bit low there’s no strings attached It’s just really that low if there’s like no risk or low risk the return of investment is a bit low At least, it’s safer Our channel we are more on the safe side Every day they’re adding interest you’ll see it being add up to the balance My interest from 30 became 31 My interst becomes higher because my money here is getting higher because of what I’m doing with Multiply BTC If this reaches 1000 likes, I’ll share what I’m doing here Interest calculator, you can count it here or calculate how much daily interest you can get monthly and yearly.

You can deposit here Click on deposit I targeted the 30,000 satoshi for it to have daily interest and anytime once you reached 30,000 Satoshi, you can already withdraw your money that’s what I am after of why I invested 30,000 Satoshi here. But it’s not required You can use their website without investing That’s just my personal choice If you want to put Satoshi here form your, jsut copy the deposit address and in your, just send then enter the amount you want to send, then the address that you copied over all the websites that I saw for claiming bitcoin, this is the only that is realy legit because this is really their promotion to give bitcoin but what they’re really after is their business models here their other tabs here let’s go to lottery another way to earn is through lottery in lottery every week they are drawing random winners FYI every free roll, you’re geting free lottery when I rolled i got 2 free lottery and 4 reward point every roll you’re getting an entry here you’ll automatically get entries I have 268 tickets in seven days, that’s from my free roll I not really using this much only when I think of using it then I roll total tickets win chance is very low it’s very lowe because there’s 432 million tickets are here you can also buy ticket if you want for 1 Satoshi in the very bottom, you’ll see the past winners in the lottery rounf 130 first prize is 1 bitcoin that’s about 500,000 pesos but I don’t know I am not really suggesting this lottery It’s hard to track the winner here you’ll only see user ID You don’t know who won you’re not even sure if the winner is real It may be real or not I’m not saying that it’s fake but we don’t know It’s hard to see the winner because it’s just user ID although you’ll also see your own user ID This is your user ID You’ll also see the 3rd prize winner received 2 million ticket These are the people that really buys really buys lottery tickets to have a chance to win but I don’t know, it’s up to you if you want to or not but for me, I don’t know, for me I am not really suggesting lottery this rewards tab is like like a bonus for using their website you’re getting a bonus every free roll here, you’re getting 4 free rewards and what is rewards how to use it? You can use it in many ways first, you can convert it to bitcoin too or satoshi Bitcoin and satoshi are just the same satoshi is like lowest or basic unit of bitcoin.

Or you’ll see this number, zero 1 bitcoin that’s it the lowest unit of this which is 5, you call that 5 satoshi If you’re able to complete that, that’s one bitcoin. It’s just the lowest unit like 10 pesos, 1 peso, more like it. First thing that you can don on your reward points is to encash it for example, this 9,993 reward points the total amount is 9,993 satoshi but guys, it has a minimum of 100,000 reward points before you can covert it to 100,000 satoshi you still need to earn more here and you can also redeem electronic a bit higher 30 million, 13 million, 11 million.

Go pro, samsung, you can also get that but it’s a long wait. Hardware wallet, i’m not that familiar with it gift certificate, $500, $50, $25, this one is a bit achieveable lottery tickets every roll 100 lottery ticket is what you’ll get every free roll, you’ll get 100 ticket in lottery reward bonus this is just like reward bonus you’ll spend 1200 then in every roll, you’ll get 100 reward tickets For me the best thing to use your reward points on Free BTC bonus 1000% it’ll become higher every roll I just used it 3,200 reward points you’ll see here your free roll 252 is the lowest you can get Last but not the least, here on referral you can also earn here if you invite your income here is not if they join your income here or your bonus here is if they roll If they roll, they’ll have 20, then you’ll have 10. Before we start, I used Free Bitcoin I already have 300,000 Satoshi you’ll see total referral is zero I got this without inviting so, zero You don’t need to invite here to earn bitcoin If you invite, you’ll get 50% every roll of your referral Multiply BTc 25% also in multiply BTC you’ll also earn from there Earn BTC If their daily,you’ll also get an interest.

Don’t worry with what I’m getting from referrals Because, I am also giving it away, I’m returning it to you so, last night, We did a livestream, we livestream for 25,000 subscribers, I gave away 300 load The 300 pesos load I got that from pera swipe I have a video about it also from my referrals I just returned what I got from my referrals the 300 load. of course, you also used my links, what I got from referrals. I returned it too We have a winner last night Romoss power bank and $15 paypal giftcard from my baymack referrals Before, in Baymack, when there’s a winner Referrer also gets some or the one who invite So, I’m just returning this to you as Romoss Powerbank and $15 paypal giftcard. That’s what I got from referrals from Baymack But in Baymack, there’s no more referral earnings It’ll be a bit hard for us to find funds on how I can give you free paypal giftcards, Romoss bank, or anything Don’t worry with referrals in Free Bitcoin because I’ll give away free bitcoin but of course it’ll not be that high from the referrals but don’t expect too much What we’ll get from the referrals i’ll give it away we’ll return it to you.

This is it. Free Bitcoin is what we’re considering a legit site although there are more but for now, for me, this is worth the time you can really withdraw because there’s much you can do here. We are just using the promotion of their site which is the free roll and you can also use the other tabs. Thank you for watching. .

How to earn free bitcoin in without investment Philippines using - Tagalog

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