How to Mine Dashcoin on Android! Cryptocurreny Mining FREE on Android!

Hey guys my name is Scoby today, I’m gonna be showing you how to mine Dashcoin on your Android device This is gonna be a nice quick and easy tutorial on screen right now, you can see me mining some Dashcoin Let’s jump right into this So the first thing you wanna do is open up your Play Store and once you’re on your Play Store we’re gonna be searching for an installing miner gate now Minergate is gonna be our free cryptocurrency miner It works for a couple different cryptocurrencies, but in this video we’re gonna be focusing specifically on Dashcoin So want you wanna do is get this installed and then open it up if this is your first time opening the app it will ask for access to your phone’s contacts This is up to you if you want to give it to it or not I personally did not I didn’t really think it needed it but it’s up to you You’re also gonna have to create a free account on this app It’s really easy to do just enter your email and password and you’ll be ready to go now when you first sign in you’ll be met with this bobbing button right here Tempting you to start mining straight away I’d recommend looking at some settings first, which I’m gonna be showing you and then we can start mining But the first thing we can do is click on the top button right here And we can select which type of cryptocurrency we would like to mine Now you can mine a couple with this and this case we’re gonna be focusing specifically on Dashcoin So we’re gonna be selecting that we’re then gonna be clicking the burger menu on the top left to open up some settings and we’re gonna be coming to the Settings tab at the bottom Now it looks grayed out, it looks like you can’t click on it But don’t worry you can I’d recommend looking at some of these settings making sure to what you want Only when charging, mine on low battery etc check these out.

You’ll also see your email at the top See what works best for you and then play around with it We’re gonna back out of here and one question I know I’m gonna get a lot is how do I actually withdraw my Dashcoins To do this you wanna click on the burger menu on the top left and we’re gonna be clicking on our dashboard And once you’re on your dashboard you’re gonna see how much of each cryptocurrency you have to actually take money out of the software you want to click on the wallet icon on the top right you can You can then select the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw by clicking it right here And we’re gonna be looking for – coin which is on the bottom and then it’ll show us what minimum amount of Dashcoin we’ll need to have to actually be able to withdraw it so in this case it’s point zero one Dashcoin this will depend on the cryptocurrency how much the minimum is but in this case that’s all you have to do And then you’re gonna be able to withdraw it to any crypto currency wallet I’m gonna leave a card on screen to my previous video where I show you how to set up your own cryptocurrency wallet It’s really easy to do it’s also 100% free Once you have all these settings looked at to actually start mining we’re gonna back out of here We’re gonna click on the burger menu on the top one more time, we’re gonna be clicking on miner Making sure we have Dashcoin selected and then we’re gonna start mining now once this happens, we’re gonna be able to see our current hashrate we’ll see how many shares we found and we will see how long we’re currently mining for we’re also gonna get some extra settings at the bottom where we’re gonna be able to set it to low, medium or high mining speed each of these will use less or more of your CPU But just bear in mind the higher.

It is the more of your CPU It’s gonna use the harder your phone’s gonna get in the more battery So if you’re leaving your phone plugged in it might get really hot overnight So these are things just to keep in mind when you’re actually mining But it’s that easy – mine – grind on your Android device I should mention you’re probably not gonna make a lot of money doing this It’s definitely not gonna make you a millionaire overnight But you might be able to make some money on the side depending on how long you do this for But it’s really really easy to do what miner gate Anyway guys thank you so much for watching If you enjoyed this video be sure to drop a like subscribe if you’re, new check out the other videos on the channel I’m gonna leave a link down below to my PayPal and my Amazon affiliate link if you found these videos helpful and you want to support me I make all these videos for free I always put the best quality I can out there So if you enjoyed it, and you want me to keep making them be sure to check those out anyway guys thank you so much for watching until next time as always keep it saucy peace

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