Is Android Mining Cryptocurrency Profitable?

Mining cryptocurrency with android isn’t that difficult and in this video I’m gonna show you how, in particular with these three smartphones here You’ll see what hash rate they get and also whether or not it’s going to be profitable Stick around cuz it’s TechWizTime Hey guys, hope you having a great week For those of you that are new my name is Jonathan and this is TechWizTime Where I create technology tutorial and review videos For those subscribers and loyal followers out there you’re probably already aware that I am the proud father of B Turkish junior He’s proving to be a little bit more of a handful than I first anticipated so my Idea of getting two or three videos out a week is thrown out of water, so For now, bear with me, I’m gonna try and get one video out a week if I can But with that said let’s get back on topic So I haven’t had a chance to review these three phones here yet, this is the Blueboo S8+ The OnePlus 5T And the Redmi or sorry Xiaomi Redmi 5+ I’m going to try and get these reviews out soon, but they’re three great for smartphones in particular probably these two here This one is my favorite at the moment the Umidigi S2 was my favorite, but The One Plus 5T it has taken it over purely because it’s pretty high-end phone And it’s got some really cool features But back on topic we’re talking about mining cryptocurrency with Android Now if you give me one second I’m gonna start this up on all these phones So the program that I’m using or the app I should say on all these devices is called MinerGate Now this simplifies the process of actually mining for cryptocurrency with an android smartphone and in particular it is mining at the moment Monero, which is XMR Now based on what I’ve looked at in regards to what these devices can mine XMR or Monero is probably one of the most profitable ones at the moment So I’m gonna stick with that throughout this video Now first things first, I’ll look at the Umidigi S2 which I have done a review on before As this was my daily driver And it was very very popular You can see that video up above or in the description below Now just to show you how good this phone is it’s actually mining at about 20 to 25 Hashes per second at the moment which is pretty decent It’s not the most powerful CPU out there, or sistem on a chip but it is enough To start you off with mining at least Now next up is the Blueboo S8 Plus Now this one in particular is mining in between 10 and 15 Hashes per second Now this is what I call a budget smartphone, it goes for around 150 dollars, so not too bad, but it’s not the most powerful Smartphone out there but if you’re on a budget.

Then this is probably one of the better smartphones that you could buy for that price range If you know of a better smartphone that’s budget for $150 and let me know down in the comments below Especially if it’s better Okay, I’m gonna glance over the OnePlus 5T at the moment I’m just gonna have a look at the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus Now this is a really surprising smartphone I actually really enjoy using this It’s got the Snapdragon 620 system on a chip or CPU if you want to keep it simple And it’s achieving between 20 and 25 hashes per second Now this is what I’d class as a mid-range smartphone and you can pick him up between I think I’ve seen it as for as low as 190 to 200 dollars So for the hash rate of 20 to 25 hashes per second This is a pretty decent smartphone for Android mining Now back into the middle the OnePlus 5T now Since I’ve received this I’ve actually switched it over from Umidigi S2 to my daily driver So the OnePlus 5T is roughly around a $500 smartphone, so it’s in the high end It’s not up there with the samsung galaxy in terms of price But in terms of what it can do it is definitely up there with the Samsung Galaxy S8 And in terms of hash rates, this is getting between 37 to 40 hashes per second Which based around the Samsung Galaxy S a you’re gonna get a very similar result because both of these are using the Snapdragon 835 system on a chip So the OnePlus 5T is a really powerful device And like I said I’m gonna get to a review on this eventually But for now hash rates really really decent a 30-something, 37 I should say, to 40 hashes per second And lastly just like I did with the Umidigi I’ve also included the lenovo tab 4 8 Plus Now in my opinion one of the better android tablets that are out there It’s using the Snapdragon 620 system-on-a-chip Which is the same as the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus And in terms of hash rates you’re getting between 20 and 25 hashes per second So I’m not too bad at all So like I said these devices are all using the miner gate app To allow you to mine cryptocurrencies on Android And one of the things to note is if you are mining on Android It’s going to suck a lot of battery life out because what it’s doing it’s using all the cores and as much power as it can grab from the CPUs inside each of these devices So in terms of battery This is gonna really kill that really quickly so what you would probably need is you’d probably need to hook these up to USB power Straight to the wall so you’re getting power all the time to them.

Power all the time to them So I’m saying that in terms of profitability. Let’s have a look at this so if we’ve got 20 20 20 10 and 40 If I do a little bit of math in my head that comes to 110 hashes per second So what I’ll do just to keep it Fairly even I’m gonna round it off to 100 hashes per second just to see what we can get And based on the inbuilt calculator you can see here that Monero is only going to earn about 78 cents in a week Now when you factor in electricity costs and all that sort of thing and the wear and tear on these devices, 78 cents in one week Is not profitable at all so, would I recommend Android Mining on your device? not unless you just want to dip your toes in the water and just feel what it feels like If you’re looking to do this for a profit Definitely not So links for everything that I’ve talked about in this video will be down in the description, including links to all these devices And if you’ve got a particular app that you’re running on your Android smartphone for mining then Let me know down below and let me know if you are getting better Hash rates than I am So once again thanks for checking out this mining cryptocurrency with Android video I really hope you liked it like I mentioned before I am the proud father of B.

Turkish jr. He is upstairs at the moment a little bit Unsettled so I’m trying to get this video done as quickly as possible and again videos will be sporadic So please don’t expect two to three videos a week Expect at most one video a week if I’m lucky any help that you can give like sharing this video especially with people on different sub reddits and so forth or Facebook groups in regards to crypto see that’s gonna really help get this channel out there Also, if you’re not a subscriber make sure you do and hit that Bell icon So you can get notified when I do get a chance to release a new video Lastly don’t forget to like this video and as always Imagine learn create. I have already recorded this video once I thought I hit record, but I was recording before so I actually stopped the recording and It’s gone, so I’ve wasted so much time on this one video.

I hope you guys like it

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