I Make Money Playing Video Games (feat. Pokimane)

I started playing video games when I was very very young. Basically following in my brother’s footsteps. He would play stuff and I would love to join him. I typically wake up anytime between eight to ten, ideally. If it’s a flow date, I usually go right into my pride and do my make-up, get ready. Every era when I wake up, I have to take these off because I sleep in them every night. I can get a lot of wrist sorenes from playing so much better. I represent, it is my job. I have double monitors, keyboard, mouse, headset, of course. I have one PC here and then I actually have a secret PC behind it because it’s actually really helpful to have a two PC put up when you are streaming. And I Make Money Playing Video Games

I have my mic stand over here and webcam. That’s basically all “youre going to” stream even though it’s quite a bit at this stage. You don’t need all this to start streaming though. I started making a lot of friends online and some of them lived nearby and we would just Skype call every night and play games together. At one point, they started associating me Twitch streamers and I would start watching these girls that were streamers and, undoubtedly they envisioned the girls were really cute, but I was watching because I simply adored the contents. I was like, “Wow, I wanna do that someday”. How Make money Playing Video Games Holy!( Pokimane giggling) I feel like me and that guy both didn’t expect to see each other. I think what people find most plea about Twitch is maybe the fact that this person that you’re watching on the screen, you get to interact with them through chitchat and it nearly manufactures you feel like whatever they’re experiencing, you’re there suffering with them, so it’s more of its own experience as opposed to just a piece of content that you’re watching.
For the first duo years of stream, I mainly envisioned it as a hobby, something I really enjoyed doing. I would become some money off of it, enough in order to be allowed to not feel like I required a part-time profession. Formerly I got to my second year of college, I checked that instead of exactly subscriptions on Twitch and donations sometimes, sponsorships started “re coming back”, so I would have a determined amount that companies would give me every month to advertise their make. When that kind of fund started rolling in, I started seeing it as more of a vocation footpath as opposed to just a hobby.

In University, I was contemplating chemical engineering. It was , not gonna lie, very difficult to manage a full-time engineering direction consignment together with wanting to flow and not let go of the momentum that I was building on Twitch. There was one month where it was midterm season, full-time technologist, and I had four possibilities from companies to come to LA. Literally, four weekends in a row, I would pass from Toronto to LA and back and forth during the course of its weekends, the only days that I had off. I’d be considering on the plane, trying to study for my midterms, trying to draw everything work together, and following completion of that, I was like, “I need to take time off and I need to move to LA”, and I did it.

(Pokimane tittering) Before streaming, I usually like to take a quick selfie or a picture of something. Oh, do you guys right now wanna be in it? The camera’s in it too! Yeah! Three, two, one. Hi, guy!( bright music) That’s why you don’t wanna get stuck between two people. Clarifying Twitch to people that don’t know what Twitch is can be a bit difficult. I typically like to segue through what YouTubers do, but clarifying Twitch to people that don’t even know what YouTube is is just near impossible. I only try to explain how you enjoy watching a TV see or recreation or you enjoy watching, perhaps, a athletics game, whatever it is, we do the same situation as streamers except we do it live. Making a million followers felt extremely, very surreal. When I firstly started streaming, I never thought that I’d get there.

I is believed that stimulated me actually, really proud of what I did was just the fact that I was the first daughter to ever do it. Thank you. That examines so good. The most rewarding side about being a Twitch streamer, far and away, I conclude a content founder, in general, is just when people come up to you and they’re like, “I really realize your content. You helped me through a rough time.” Said, “Pokimane helped me so much through my depression. My mothers have just recently passed away in a car accident. I’m only 15, but you helped me a lot. Thank you very much”. I’m so sorry to hear that, but I’m glad I could help in some way. Helping others is just “the worlds largest” satisfying thing that I can do. I’ve also been in that rank. There’s so many YouTubers or streamers that I watch when I’m sad and to know that I can be that for someone else merely feels really nice. My biggest admonition for anyone that’s looking to be a Twitch streamer or an online content creator is to do it for fun at first.

Way too many people have this idea that you have to make a vocation out of it or they’re expecting to make a ton of money out of it, but I predict you the large majority of people who do make any fund from it, started off just as a hobby. You have to throw in a lot of hours before you see anything come out of it and you only really put in hours if you’re enjoying what the hell are you do.

Before anything else, just have fun doing what the hell are you do or make sure it’s something that you can do for fun and not just for money . . Learning more how Make Money Play Video game

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