Need for Speed latest racing Game 2017

After Need for Speed with the reboot series launched by EA and Ghost games with less satisfactory results. It may be because of the sweet promise that instead results in a final result that is not as good as expected. As if instead to soften the value that is so always on the final series, it may be due to a less approach to the target.

It has a less interesting and not-so-fun story from gameplay, plus the decision to make the game always online instead of gaining praise, which receives a lot of criticism.

Apparently it doesn't make EA stop Need for Speed, because Ghost Games has ensured there will be a rock series for Need Fo Speed next year.

As announced in the Ghost Games Blog is currently working on the development of the latest series NFS planned for release in 2017 later. Only that is the announcement they gave, and no more detailed explanation of the theme to be carried.

Coincided with this too, Ghost Games reported will still provide support to Need for Speed Reboot. Included in the update also with additional content offered free of charge.