Is ONE by Template Monster Actually the One?

If you’ve ever tried to find “the one” template for your website, then you know the struggle of picking out the right variant. The one that checks all of the boxes and suits the needs perfectly. The whole operation brings even more troubles when there’s money involved. Like when you pay for one template, then another and it’s still isn’t working out the way it was supposed to. Luckily, there’s such option as the specific web design subscriptions, which minimizes the losses. Not to pull off any intentional quirk here but one of them it’s called ONE by TemplateMonster.

The subscription service is quite “young” since it was released only in March 2019 but it’s already gaining some popularity. After all, the fact that 3000000+ customers made a choice in its favor means something. Thus, it would be reasonable to explore what is the offer and is it worth the price tag.

First, a few words about the company itself to know what to expect from them. The TemplateMonster is a company that has been developing the templates for various CMS for 15 years. It offers more than 26 thousand templates for websites, plug-ins, and PSD-layouts. On their marketplace, you can find a solution at the most affordable price for sites of various types and complexity, developed both on CMS, and HTML + CSS codes.

Another distinctive feature of this company is that they constantly launch promotions with discounts of up to 70% and launch new products. With that data, let’s move on to the ONE itself.


This is a simple part of the deal, there are no complicated plans and you’re basically left with the single option – annual subscription, the price of which is 229$. You can make a payment with any Visa, Mastercard or via PayPal. Subscription can be canceled at any time. It may be a con for someone who’s looking for a one-time solution. However, the main purpose of the ONE package is to provide its clients with the broadest range of templates of different kinds. Seeing it from this perspective, 229$ a year or 19$ a month isn’t that much for 8500+ products for the quality web design such as:

My take on the pricing is always rooted in the current situation in the industry, meaning I like to compare the offers from different companies to analyze them on my own and come to a thoughtful conclusion. Sometimes the expenses may seem big at first sight but prove themselves to be legitimate upon a closer view. In this case, one has to take into account the “value of an offer – money paid” equation. And with this principle, it’s hard to call down the benefits of going for the ONE.

Is ONE by Template Monster Actually the One

On the table above, we can see that the closest competitive (in terms of a number of products offered) Templatic costs as much as ONE. The only caveat is that it’s 112+ VS 8500+ themes. The difference is striking, to say the least.

The second important feature to emphasize is the extra services. Acquiring a template or theme to create a website is only the first step towards its successful launch. They say the devil is in the details. In the web design, it comes to setting up a server, optimizing SEO, directly installing a template, or optimizing a download speed. All these are additional services that can contribute to faster and more rewarding website launch. Even if you already have a ready site, believe me, there are still many issues that can be solved with the help of additional services.

Overall, TemplateMonster is ready to take on the whole process of creating your website: from template installation and hosting settings to filling the website with unique content and search engine optimization.

creating your website

Here is a list of additional services of specialists available on an extended subscription:

  • Quickstart – the service includes a promo code hosting and installation of a theme for one site.
  • Creative start – promo code for hosting and 15 stock photos from Stock.
  • Improving SEO optimization.
  • Remastering a site.
  • Site security.
  • Effective content: texts.
  • Increasing the speed of the site.
  • The “All in One” service – specialists do everything for you, starting with the installation of the template and ending with the setting of the color scheme and the loading of the original content.
  • Launching an online store.
  • 24/7 technical support chat.

Is ONE by Template Monster Actually the One? 1

Any service is available for purchase for one or five installations (in the case of chat tech support – 1 or 3 months). Prices range from $ 25 to $ 595.

Is ONE by Template Monster Actually the One? 2

The regular updates are another thing to remember about. Of course, without them, the site can’t work to its full potential. With the help of the ONE subscription service, you are guaranteed to receive updates, as well as hundreds of new products that are added on a monthly basis. It means that a number of assortments is constantly growing and you’re getting more variety than it was promised initially. Furthermore, it allows keeping up with time and industry trends.

And also there’re no restrictions on the number of downloads of a specific item or the number of products that you get from the marketplace. You can download and install as many products as you need within one year. After the end of the annual subscription, you can re-subscribe to ONE again and continue to enjoy all of its benefits.

In addition to the above description, with a subscription, you also get a 50% discount on TemplateMonster products that are not included in One. If you need some kind of template that isn’t available with a subscription, you can buy it at a 50% discount. Subscribers also receive 1 year of free hosting.

The 24-hour Support Team

The efficient 24/7 support is something that TemplateMonster are famous for so no wonder it’s presented in the ONE package as well. This is extremely important because it doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or an experienced user, will be the issues to fix. They’re inevitable to avoid as long as your site is actually working and not left derelict. Therefore, the ONE provides 24/7 support for all digital products included in the subscription. A professional team will answer any questions within 24 hours. You can send an error message through the ticket system or get help in a live chat with a specialist. Technical support works around the clock so no matter when a problem arises, you will get help as fast as possible.

How To Search?

To get a comprehensive overview of the range of products, let’s take a look at the main menu.

wordpress products

From here you can see all sorts of web design products that you’re acquiring. If we decide to focus on one category, for example, the WordPress related items, this is what you’ll observe.

The search criteria are quite flexible and you can look either for something specific like a subdivision element or business topic or simply explore what’s new or in demand is there.

The analogical approach can be traced in the Plug-ins section.

wordpress plugins

Unsurprisingly, the same applies to the Presentation Templates.

Presentation Templates

For each template, there is a detailed description and demo in real-time.

detailed description and demo in real-time

If we turn to the e-commerce templates, there are different themes for the following types of CMS: Magento, OpenCart Templates, PrestaShop Themes, Shopify Themes, VirtueMart Templates, and WooCommerce Themes.

All of them are characterized by one key feature: adaptivity. It’s a code word for a page design that provides a correct and convenient representation of the site for a mobile user. The adaptive web site is automatically adjusted to the size of the browser window. The purpose is the versatility of the site. This means that there is no need to customize the site for a separate type of gadget, an adaptive web resource is correctly displayed on any mobile devices, laptops and even on TV. In this case, surfing the resource will be equally convenient on any device and the user does not need to zoom in so that he doesn’t click on the wrong button.

How To Use?

The login process is standard and doesn’t differ from any other sign-in mechanism.

And this is what a user’s page looks like:

As far as I can see, the basic information is displayed in a handy and user-friendly way. The interface is plain and straightforward but in a good way. There are no distracting extra buttons to click, everything is to the point.

Any item that is included in the ONE subscription can be viewed before downloading exactly as it would look on the site.

When downloading, an item is packaged in the archive.

All items that you’ve downloaded are displayed in the Downloaded Items section.

From the account, you also get access to all the additional offers described above: additional services from experts and discount on marketplace products that are not included in the subscription. Besides, you can track if there’re some time-limited opportunities to save.

What About License?

The ability to access a variety of high-quality products for creating websites is nice, but the unlimited annual license to use an unlimited number of domains for a year makes TemplateMonster’s ONE subscription service quite a unique solution. And most importantly, that after the expiration of the subscription your site will not stop working, you, as before, will receive updates and plug-ins necessary for future operation. Thus, you’re able to download the necessary products and use in order to create the websites both for yourself and your customers.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you have not decided whether you need ONE subscription, you can place an order and, having gained access to the account, work with its interface, contents, options in test mode. An inside look will help you understand whether a purchase meets your requirements. In case the expectations were not met, you can get your money back. The company returns the funds within 14 days from the date of purchase, provided that you have not downloaded a single product.


The ONE subscription comes with a lot of interesting things to get your hands on. The price turns out to be lucrative, in comparison to the alternatives on the market. Maybe, it isn’t an ideal offer for someone who needs to make a one-time purchase. However, it’ll definitely appeal to other audiences:

  • For freelancers, developers, designers. If you provide digital services, you can pick up a certain number of high-quality, cool products from ONE and provide services to people on their basis, that is, create websites, business cards, templates, design elements, etc. using these templates.
  • For the “entrepreneur packaging”. As a rule, setting up a business doesn’t end with a single site creation, which still calls for a template. There is still a lot of additional material to get: a business card, marketing kit, banners for the social networks (Facebook, Youtube, etc.), templates for the social media posts, etc. Without the relevant experience or ordering from the freelancers, it will take a lot of time and effort. And with ONE, you can beforehand create for yourself a list of materials that would be useful for your business and get all of it in one place.

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